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Bad things can happen to anybody at any time


With digital age as a major part of our lives

With digital age as a major part of our lives, what we used to experience a 24-hour news cycle has turned into a 24-second blast of information, stories even better as dramatic stories in social media platforms such as Facebook posts, tweets and online web boards.

What if it is your organization, brands or your CEO’s stories being spread out negatively, who would you turn to asking for help when
an unexpected or unplanned situation like that happens.

Online crisis management requires you to be First, be Right, be Credible and be Empathetic. How would you know what people are saying about you and your brand and how to respond immediately send effectively to those social media while maintaining the reputation of your Brands and Organization?

Social Media Crisis Management Seminar & Workshop

In order for you to effectively manage and response to online and social media crisis situation, Saenruk Innovation Co., Ltd. and My Digital Partner Co., Ltd. Thailand’s leading and dynamic Data Management and Social Media Monitoring companies are joining hands in organizing a one day workshop Social Media Crisis Management aims to equip you with the skills to understand, implement and manage the elements of online and social media crisis management plan. It will provide the theoretical knowledge and professional skills so that participants can practice effective engagement with media and key influences as well.

This is the only workshop that you can hands-on online cases as well as new tools to help you manage online crisis better than ever before.

 Workshop Objectives

The workshop will provide a detailed insight into the practice of crisis management and communication particularly in Social Media arena at a professional level. Participants will learn the core elements of crisis planning so that they can design, implement, manage and evaluate an effective communications strategy. By the end of the two-day workshop you will be able to:

Opportunity to exchange your view with Crisis Management experts

Gain online crisis management insights led by Ms. Pongtip Thesaphu, a well-recognized Public Relations practitioner in Thailand.  Pongtip acquires more than 25 years of experiences in corporate communications from multi-national companies such as Unilever, American Express, Phillip Morris and leading Thai organization such as the Stock Exchange of Thailand and the Thai Credit Guarantee Corporation, a specific financial institution, Finance Ministry with extensive knowledge of managing crisis communication management.

Top with real case studies from financial, consumer products industries as well as media representatives to guide you to the most effective strategies when handling online media.

Who Should Attend this workshop

As crisis management is a Team effort, it is suitable and essential for personnel from various departments in the organization including corporate communication, risk management, operation and any of the crisis management team members with the responsibility of crisis planning and crisis communication.

Workshop Learning Outcomes

On successful completion participants will have the ability to: